MILL Side Table


A side table called MILL has been exceptionally designed by STC Studio. It's small piece of furniture that exemplifies the meaning of minimalism in a very delicate and simple form. The table top finishes of this collection are in lacquered MDF as well as a transparent tempered glass that is combined with two base versions. The finish of the bases can be white or forge grey, and the “Y” shaped bases can also be chromed. These possibilities allow you to create the look you so desire, making it versatile enough to perfectly fit in an interior space.

I personally admire the simplicity which can be seen in the design of the object. It gives a feeling which can be described as a minimal story that looks simple but has a deeper meaning behind the first impression we see. The materials which are used are easy to clean and that's always a bonus touch to any product. The MILL side table can easily fit in a simple and personal room, as well as in an open, public space such as a hotel, café, or restaurant—creating a certain minimal mood in the space to compliment and complete the environment.

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