MIMA House


Inspired by Japanese architecture, these customizable houses are flexible, light and delightful in their simplicity. Envisioned by MIMA architects as an answer to quick life changes and demanding nature of today's real estate market, these projects are affordable and mobile, not to mention - they are designed in part by their owners. The process goes like this: you mail MIMA people the site where you wish to build your residence, they analyze it and send you a full 3D visualization of the project, you voice your suggestions and select partition percentage, and in the end - your house is packed and delivered to the location.

MIMA houses are so light and flexible, they can be redesigned in a matter of minutes via moving the partitions and creating a new layout entirely. You can also add or remove panels to control privacy. And all this good sense and amazing functionality come in a pleasing minimal form.

Watch the video to learn more about this architectural approach in action.

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