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A strong duality between black and white comes alive in Repouso, an installation by Laura Gorski. Assembling an invasion, to the classic white gallery, as a stunning ordeal and inviting the unknowing visitor for a distinctive promenade — the artist continues on her pursuit to explore the passage of time and unique landscapes.

On the first room the visitor is greeted by a stone-clad ambient, a gentle introduction to the slow dominance of the black paint on all sides. On the second room it is clear the dark colour is here to stay and begins to drown out a small jungle, reminiscent of a mangrove. Finally, the final act cements the complete supremacy of shade over the other, submerging an emblematic vessel.

As each landscape tumbles down to darkness, a frail tranquility takes over all parts of the white gallery — after all, repouso means 'to rest' in Portuguese. Gorski achieves great control and visual impact, with a striking throwback to a beach after a high tide.

Photography by Ding Musa.

Visit Repouso at Centro Cultural São Paulo in the city of São Paulo until 30th October.

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