industrial design

We are now accustomed to laptops and tablets getting cooler every season, constantly tempting us with their ever-thinning bodies and simplified interfaces. But what about printers?

Designers at Artefact answered this question by creating SWYP (See What You Print) concept device. Minimalist in shape, this printer is generous on impact and functionality. The touch-screen allows you to see and edit your image, change and scale margins, eliminate the unwanted areas by 'swiping' them off the screen. The device can print photos from your camera without a computer. The connection to Facebook or Flickr (or any other webpage for that matter) can be achieved right from the touch-screen for direct printing. And, according to Artefact, the form of the piece follows its function:

The ideas of radical simplicity also extend to the box itself. We focused on the utilitarian aspects of the printer: opening the lid for scanning, easy access to the paper tray and easy access to ink cartridges. We made every effort to strip it down to the essentials and resisted the temptation to add extraneous details. In the process we believe we achieve a beauty that only simplicity can deliver.

SWYP is a proof that it is possible to revive a stagnant industry and revitalize a product that made us yawn (or growl) for decades. Watch this video for a closer look at the device.

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