Missing Collection

Marija Gašparović

Regular Company is a Croatia-based cross-disciplined design studio that specialises in products, interiors, branding, and digital design. With such a modest name, the newest addition to their brilliant portfolio—a series of minimal objects—is unusually called Missing Collection.

While the term missing entails a lack of something in particular, here the word signifies a memorial quality that evokes emotions and thoughts through the lightness of forms. Consisting of the Meridian Lamp, Mirror 1.0, Missing Chair, and Level Side Table, the series remains monochromatic in order to emphasise the contours of each individual design. Adopting familiar images of homewares, the collection uses metaphorical lines to trace the objects’ silhouettes and adds simple details to embody them with grace. The contribution of materials—wooden frames, metal structures, and marble surfaces—also give elegant touches.

As Regular Company puts it:

The objects that are presented each have their own character, story, and inspiration, but together they have a common note, a subtle tone.

The harmony of individualities can be visually depicted. However separately, thin curves and geometrical volumes of each object can create an imbalance, yet they are able to give ground to compositions with a satisfying stillness; almost like a nostalgic image of home, something that’s incomplete yet wholesomely beautiful.

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