MM House


As you stroll through the gorgeous island of Mallorca, more precisely in the capital, you are faced with steep hills; a fair price to pay for the striking views in reward. As you continue on your path, in the midst of numerous ordinary dwellings, a white geometric sighting catches your attention. A true modern invasion of the best kind. MM House is a smart exercise in energy efficiency and a lively visual arrangement by the celebrated OHLAB Estudio.

Four volumes of different sizes are cautiously settled on a steep terrain, as direct consequence, each cube-like division feels like a stand-alone element. That’s the illusion the architects skilfully applied to a dwelling that is both autonomous and perfectly planned as a single scheme. For each distinct program — one function was linked to a cube: Living/Dining Area, Kitchen, Main Bedroom and Guest Room. Each one has an entrance of its own, and a view as unique as its purpose. For instance, the kitchen faces the vegetable garden, and the social area faces the sea.

The project has been made with a low construction budget and a very low cost of energy maintenance. It is a home that promotes environmental and sustainability values, reporting savings and comfort without incurring additional economic effort.

The talented team of architects managed to design taking the environmental conditions as intrinsic and important as the striking visual identity. No wonder this project is an award winning endeavour for the studio.

Photography by José Hevia.

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