Minimalist architecture often consists of geometric designs featuring a plethora of white. While many gorgeous examples of minimal design fall within this description, I am always excited when one does not. Merrydown is a residence located in London and designed by the local firm McLaren Excell. While there is a good presence of white in this structure, Merrydown also incorporates less-traditional minimalist materials such as plywood, wood wool, and brass accents. The varied materials work together to create a space full of visual interest without feeling busy. The result is a home that is warm and welcoming yet still embraces a modern, minimal aesthetic.

Merrydown's layout is functional for a small family. Most of the rooms are double height, allowing the white joisted ceiling to play a large role in the design. A small loft sits below this ceiling to provide extra living space for the residents. Built-in cabinetry and bookshelves, constructed of birch plywood, provide plenty of storage while bringing a good bit of warmth to the space. The furnishings are sparse yet comfortable. Overall, Merrydown is a lovely illustration of minimal design that is as liveable as it is stylish.

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