Joseph SS18


In-house labels of fashion myths like Joseph have to live up to a high reputation. Joseph Ettedgui created the first internationally renowned concept store in London’s Fulham road and introduced designers like Azzedine Alaïa, Yohji Yamamoto or Kenzo to a worldwide audience.

The Joseph collection was added in 1972 to provide essentials for the always traveling, luxury accustomed, modern workforce. Since 2009, the position of designer in chief at Joseph is filled with a woman of exactly that caliber—Louise Trotter. Living in between London and Paris, Trotter travels with her kids and husband and is well known to the staff of the Eurostar train. She grew up identifying and loving the style influence of the Joseph concept store and she worked for Calvin Klein, GAP and Tommy Hilfiger as a designer before being offered the position of designer in chief at Joseph.

So here we go. Take a look at the Spring/Summer collection and you will find all of these ingredients perfectly wrapped into the Joseph heritage: the longing for a liberated, deconstructed traveling uniform, the influences of both Parisian and London fashion, the unerring infusion of timeless avant-garde elements, as well as an impeccable eye for perfect workmanship and high-end quality material. But the ephemeral radiance of intellectual depth stems from Trotters relentless search for the character of every single piece of a traveler's uniform. What does it feel like to wear a suit in between time zones? How do I manage to look impeccable without spending too much time choosing my outfit? And how do I create a style that helps me not to burden my suitcase with any unworn pieces of garment.

This Joseph collection might hold some answers to these questions.

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