Monochrome Toothbrush

industrial design

For the humble Toothbrush, the desire to combine both the practical and the aesthetic seems to be somewhat of a tall, and under-polished (pun-intended) order. Toothbrush brand Goby however, challenges this notion with their beautifully sleek and sophisticated Monochrome Toothbrush. Industrial products that are categorised by some description as ‘clinical’ or dental seem to be fraught with a lack of sophistication. There is generally a rainbow of options, which don’t necessarily align with the formal appeal of other distinctively designed everyday objects.

Goby’s consideration, down to every detail of the Monochrome Electric Toothbrush, ticks all of the minimalist boxes. From the controlled timing function, to the matching charging station and the purposefully lengthier battery life, all facets are covered from a functional perspective. A combination of gloss and matte black finishes encase the toothbrush, a battery that only needs to be charged twice per month, rotationally oscillating brush head and a subscription service for the replacement (matching colour) heads, all combine to make this an object that aligns with a certain self brand. A brand that reflects a considered approach. What we use, and how we choose to express ourselves through these items, should align in all instances. Goby is a beautiful and clever solution to this expression.

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