Callum Innes

art & illustration

Callum Innes is currently exhibiting a small collection of new paintings at Jensen Gallery in Paddington, Sydney.

Innes is a Scottish-based painter and a former Turner Prize nominee (Damien Hirst won the Turner Prize the year Innes was nominated). His new collection of paintings are canvases divided into two halves, with two different approaches or techniques of painting to either half. Often one half is glossy, whilst the other is quite textural from the surface of the canvas. From my observations, it appeared that many different layers of paint were painted on top of each other, so the resulting surface had hints of the colour from the paint applied underneath. A minimal result, but a seemingly laborious process.

The exhibition of Innes' new paintings opened on the 8th of March and runs until the 21st of April. The textures of Innes' painting are difficult to perceive from the documentation of his work. They must really be seen in person.

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