Dunes: Landscapes Evolving

art & illustration

Dunes: Landscapes Evolving is a beautiful series by American photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett. His practice is characterised by a rigorous black and white palette and a good eye for form and composition. Dunes: Landscapes Evolving is a minimalist look at the incredible sand dunes of Sossusvlei, Namibia and the extraordinary abstract qualities obtained through Doggett's lens.

The photographer uses the natural, simple structures of the dunes and their complex relationship to light in order highlight the forms that emerge such as a woman’s torso or a delicate S-curve. Every time the wind blows, the dunes are reshaped, and any pattern photographed is never to appear again; the only consistency is the makeup of the dunes themselves. Devoid of context, people, animals, or landmarks, Dunes: Landscapes Evolving is an aesthetically rich dialogue with a place inhospitable to nearly all lifeforms whose only guarantee is that it will shift and change completely without notice.

Doggett’s work has been acquired by public and private collections globally, including the Smithsonian Museum of African Art.

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