Pipe & Tracks 2.0

industrial design

Pipes and Tracks 2.0 are AIAIAI’s latest notch to an already well-decorated belt. The younger sibling to their predecessing originals, these new earphones are purposed to align with any Google device. Uniquely designed as an in-between market player, Tracks 2.0 offers an alternative to the in-ear option, without the bulk and weight of an over-ear headphone, making it a great option for travel, running, or commuting. Emphasised by the subtlety of the lines of the headpiece, there are two available colour options; black and white/grey, each with interchangeable coloured end pieces, for customisation.

AIAIAI is known for its dedication to sound innovation, with customisation at the core of their brand values. Since their inception, the ability to customise each set of earphones has been vital to each of their offerings across their range. The addition of the all grey version of both models allows for a muted and minimal market offering.

Based in Denmark, and available globally, they have always been dedicated to the delivery of minimal and well-considered products, synonymous with the Scandinavian aesthetic. This latest offering is no exception and is the result of innovation dedication—packaged in a measured and beautifully minimal way.

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