MUJI Light

industrial design

Exercising minimalism. This is how the BEBOP designers describe their product, an aluminium light for the product and lifestyle brand MUJI. As the designers describe, the aluminium light has the silhouette and proportions of a very typical flashlight, giving the product a nostalgic familiarity. The design represents the concept of minimalism through a pure and clean form. Its design is based on a cost-effective manufacturing technique, living up to MUJI’s motto: Offering good quality products for good prices.

Aluminium Light’s design language is a unique take on minimalism, where inspiration comes from two specific ideas: product archetypes and simple manufacturing techniques. In combination, these two things create a single and functional object with a proper look that can be used in various spaces and interiors. It is an exercise in minimalism, where the meaning extends to the product's production method, product lifecycle, and product usability.

When it comes to the materials, the detachable light diffuser is made of translucent silicone. The hygienic and tactile nature of the material makes it a great grip for a flashlight. The translucent finishing diffuses the light evenly. A hidden screw mount is used to attach and detach the silicone light diffuser on either the front or back of the top. Both aluminium and silicone are extremely durable materials, which is why Aluminium Light also uses a long-lasting LED light source with a Micro USB rechargeable battery.

I adore the idea of using the two materials for the creation of this object which allows creating such an aesthetic and delicate design object. It is an object that represents the result of how function and style can go along together and create a long-lasting design.

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