In design, we have seen a merit of natural elements and the human touch. Often, the fusion comes in a larger scale, yet smaller products have made a notable presence in the industry, especially industrial design.

MYKU watch brand, with a commitment to create intrinsic and timeless designs, uses stone and its natural characteristics to express the brand's vision for craft. The result is a collection of watches named Elemental Classic Series 1 with beautiful Carrara marble faces, each featuring a different pattern due to the organic formation of stones. Although Kuan Teo and François Hurtaud of MYKU are behind every decision regarding the watches’ details, unique markings of these products can’t be controlled. That effortlessness is a very attractive quality since it communicates a certain type of minimalism — both in the final appearance and the process of making. Sourcing the best stones and working with artisans from across Italy, Germany and Switzerland, the outcomes are of the highest quality and contemporary timelessness.

With two different types of stones — black onyx and white Carrara marble — the variants are even more diversified. Personalisation becomes unpredictable, adding a surprise element for customers. In a way, that makes MYKU more desirable; their products are no longer mere fashion accessories, but almost like collectors’ items.

Personally, my eyes are drawn to the black onyx stone dials due to their perfect contrast with the metal frames. That balance exudes a luxury that is simple.

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