Nærvær is a Copenhagen-based upmarket restaurant and wine bar, and an excellent call for both an intimate dinner or a quick drop by with friends. Considering good hospitality walks hand in hand with good design, it is fortunate that a restaurant aims to offer an exquisite experience not only through its menu, but also with a mix of enticing visual elements and comfort. Minimalissimo favourites Norm Architects were commissioned with that in mind, as their work is famously elegant and cosmopolitan.

One of the architects’ trademarks is their minimalist sensibility, and for Nærvær they apply it with a careful hand, as dark colours mix with simple lines and elements. Offering an alluring mix of materials, each one offering a different texture and depth, but never without cohesiveness. Raw concrete sets the tone with its grey palette throughout. It's a timeless and undeniably urban element. Metal makes its way through select furniture, such as the custom-built light fittings, a benefit of working with a multidisciplinary creative team. Finally, wood is carefully utilised in various elements such as chairs and balconies; and let’s not forget potted trees to guarantee an organic touch. The richness of each material is explored in standalone fashion.

The final result is impressive when one considers the variety of visual elements, but somehow it is very much a minimalist endeavour. The project manages to remain unapologetically graceful, whilst offering a collection of simple frameworks and surfaces. The industrial aesthetic marries quite well with the Danish awareness. Norm Architects, once again, parades a different kind of minimalism with ease.

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