Minimalist Nativity Scene

Floris Hovers
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Celebrate the holiday season with a minimalist Nativity Scene by Dutch designer Floris Hovers. This unique Nativity Scene features 14 chic figurines, made from solid beech wood, and a vibrant colour palette.

The figurines, with their angular forms, bring a contemporary twist to the traditional Nativity scene. Earthy tones are used for animals and the shepherd, while bright white adorns Baby Jesus and the angel Gabriel. The wooden box, cleverly transforming into a barn with a roof, serves as the backdrop for the scene. The character set fit together like puzzle pieces inside the box, making for a compact and charming display.

This minimalist Nativity Scene makes for a thoughtful Christmas gift and comes packaged in a wooden box with an elegant cardboard sleeve. Floris Hovers, renowned for his Dutch design brilliance, has beautifully blended tradition with modernity in this design, showcasing his knack for minimalist charm and playful undertones. Add a touch of contemporary flair to your holiday decor and experience the magic of Christmas through a fresh and modern lens.

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