Neon by Minimalux

industrial design

Minimalux, the UK based brand, wears its heart on its sleeves; the name itself leaves no room for doubting about the main influence for each project. Unsurprisingly, one of the most beloved minimal objects, the cube, is remixed to great effect to become the multi-color Neon. It’s worth noting that you may see a neon light visually, but there are none. It is nothing but an illusion.

Here’s how the effect works: A folded steel box houses a common compact fluorescent lamp. No surprise there. The twist is where the light manages to surface, through the thin linear openings on each border of the cube. Thus, with a mix of clever angles and materials, emerges the Neon effect. This is very subdued lighting, far from being suitable as primary source for daily use. It is an extraordinary protagonist for lounge areas and as a supporting player for complex projects.

Another surprising move is the color variance for Neon. Available in five colors: white, blue, green, yellow and pink. This is concrete proof that minimalism can retain its main qualities even when it goes beyond the reliable black and white.

Neon-clad artist Dan Flavin would be proud.

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