NEWTIME time 2.1

industrial design

REMI VAN OERS is an Eindhoven-based creative studio with a strong, distinctive, and straightforward design focus. Their latest offering is a clean, intuitive, and pristine clock design—NEWTIME time 2.1—an object that presents you time re-invented.

Visualising time with just two dots, one orange and one black. The orange dot indicates the hour, the black dot indicates the minutes. It’s that simple. NEWTIME time objects embody functional minimalism. Providing a graphic, innovative and intuitive way of interpreting time. True simplicity.

The diminutive time 2.1 clock is the second design in the NEWTIME clock series and is available as an initial limited series—currently available to pre-order.

The design itself is quintessential minimalism. It features subtle depth levels for easy reading and is encased in CNC milled, anodised aluminium. The clock is self-aligning with or without a stand, which magnetically connects to the aluminium body. The hidden time control and battery are accessible by a single-push movement.

This is a striking and charming little object that would sit beautifully in any space, whether it be on a desk or a bedside table.

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