Viewmaster House


Blessed with an ocean view, on the island of Paros, in the region of the Cyclades in Ageria, stands Viewmaster House. It is a project walking the line between stark contemporary angles on one side, and a homage to the local architecture on the other—a fine balance skilfully delivered by Re-act Architects.

The designers cleverly intertwined traditional white volumes, a staple of the region's architecture, with open patios acting as bridges. To wander around the house, it is an invitation to transition between natural sunlight and shadow. A distinctive dynamic is heightened by the natural landscape that surrounds it, offering ambiguous privacy and absolute openness simutaneously.

George Messaritakis's photographic editorial deserves special attention on its own, as it focus on the geometric compositions throughout each volume with precision. As gorgeous and ample windows gift every room with a possible coast view, the sense of rhythm, through visual repetitions, portrays this amplitude with ease.

Viewmaster House is a daily celebration of the idyllic ocean view, and a fresh perspective of local tradition through minimalism.

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