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Zinc is assigned number 30 on the periodic table. It is from this number that project no.30 derive their name and it is from this unassuming metal that all of their products find their beginnings. Located in Changhua, Taiwan, their family-run factory focuses on zinc production and has been in operation for over forty years. In 2013, no.30 started collaborating with international designers to realise a new vision for zinc products. Today, the retailer catalogues an impressive and incredibly minimalist range of homewares, figurines, and office stationery.

The no.30 objects are varied in terms of typology and surface finish, but unified in material, thought and purposefulness. They share a certain gravitas and an ambition to form long-term relationships with their users. The objects are designed to add a special touch and ambience to any environment without dominating it or demanding too much attention.

The collection of animals by Office for Product Design is a particular favourite:

We utilise the fluidity of zinc alloy to express the mellow and full contours of the twelve animals of the zodiac. Each individual item can serve as a birthday gift, a lucky charm, or a blessing and can be used as a brilliant decorative display, a practical paperweight, or a chopstick stand. It can serve any purpose that your heart desires.

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