Courtyard of the House


Courtyards have long been a focus of residential architecture. From Italian courtyards designed to circulate air to the gardens of Japanese courtyards that brought nature into the home. Courtyard of the House follows this long tradition with an elegant and modern home centred around a tranquil void.

Designed by Japanese studio Container Design, this home denies the tradition of an open-air courtyard by covering it with a roof. According to the designers, this decision allows the central space to be used all year long. Wooden decks juxtapose a garden of rocks and define the functional spaces. Removing some of the function of the courtyard is crucial in achieving the airy feel intended by the architects. Black framed windows define the exterior viewports while cut openings allow the surrounding rooms a glimpse of the home's serene core.

I love how this courtyard feels so free despite being covered by the home's roof. I can easily imagine the calming effect of meditating in this niche and being protected from the elements. Courtyard of a House embraces the need for a bit of stillness and tranquility to offset our hectic lives.

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