Oblik Hanger

industrial design

Celebrating the beauty in simplicity. Some objects in our daily lives seem so simple that we never really think of changing or improving them. Almost any product on the market can have a different form and functional improvement that will result in a better design, both functionally and aesthetically. A perfect example of this is Oblik—a vertical coat hanger designed by the brand TIEL.

Originally made from scrap pieces of solid oak, Oblik is the result of a simple production process with basic wood machinery. Hooks are cut in angles and rounded off for garments to be hung. Oblik is available in two different versions—wall-mounted or as a ceiling hanger.

I adore the simple shape which easily allows for the user to hang one's clothes or accessories. Also, the materials which are used for it adds a bit of life and doesn't make the coat rack too ordinary. It's a perfect choice for those minimalist spaces which need an unobtrusive functional object. As we have mentioned, it's all about simplicity in creating better objects with a minimalist design approach. And this work takes creativity to the highest level.

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