Obvious Table Lamp

industrial design

The Obvious Table Lamp is an origami-esque diffusion of light. Essentially made from one piece of uninterrupted metal — in this case, sheet steel, which has then been finished in a white paint — this piece adds a level of intrigue to the normally utilitarian desk scenario. Together with Beechwood, this piece comes packaged just as minimally as it presents in situ, and with its integrated innovation of touch illumination, on any of the painted metal surface area, epitomises minimalism in form and function.

Jordi Rizo, the designer behind this conception is one of the founding partners of the brand Obvious. Based out of Barcelona, and together with Xavier Relea, Rizo has a vision to inspire the everyday moments of people, creating sample objects with common materials, but with extraordinarily good results and an emphasis on the quality of the process behind the build also. Sitting just under 40cm in height, this folded industrial piece is a delight.

Photography courtesy of Obvious.

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