On The Periphery


As an ongoing photographic series based in Los Angeles, Sinziana Velicescu has created striking and minimalist compositions of architecture throughout the Californian metropolis.

On The Periphery explores the aesthetic and utilitarian effect of architecture in and around the greater Los Angeles area. Minimalist in nature, the images represent a departure from the day to day realities of Los Angelesʼ cluttered landscape. The moments captured are fragments of a cityscapeʼs lifetime that are most often overlooked by an entire population concerned solely with reaching a destination. The result is a homage to ‘The City,ʼ combined with a hidden desire to escape to another place or perhaps another time. Velicescu explains:

To me, photography is a form of meditation that helps me cope with an otherwise extremely stressful lifestyle bound by deadlines and traffic. I am also a strong believer in chance encounters and I see the city as a living specimen: some days are better than others, some streets are better than others.
Amidst the frantic LA streets, Velicescu manages to capture a sense of serenity of the city, encapsulating the city’s aesthetic through soft tones and colours. A beautiful series.

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