TENSE Lounge chair


When developing the TENSE Lounge Chair, the design duo Panter&Tourron (Stefano Panterotto and Alexis Tourron) pursued two central goals: on the one hand, the chair was to fit a neo-nomadic lifestyle (simple, tool-free assembly, and disassembly, flat pack, and easy transport). On the other, it was to be manufactured as sustainably as possible (economical use of materials and resources, recyclability of components, low weight, and transport volume). The result is a minimalist, sophisticatedly designed armchair without a base that promises a high level of seating comfort.

The TENSE Lounge Chair, made for Cappellini, consists of two thin, flexible wooden panels of different cuts, each of which is enclosed in a textile shell. By bending and folding these elements, which are joined together by means of a circumferential zipper, the finished chair is created. Where the furniture comes into contact with the human body, it is deliberately not upholstered with foam. Instead, an elastic fabric deforms to ensure a comfortable seat.

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