package design

Fagerström is a Madrid-based design studio focused on visual identity, packaging and print. They have recently designed a wonderfully minimal and distinctive brand identity and packaging design for Oro, a small oil producer of extra virgin olive oil. The studio explains to us:

The product is inspired by the phrase "liquid gold", by which extra virgin olive oil is popularly known. With a minimalist design and using only gold colour and a circle, we synthesise the essence of the product.
With this project it is easy to appreciate striking semi-nude bottle feature giving us a glimpse of the contents inside, while still presenting a strong focus on the brand design—a design that is simple and elegant, reflecting the origin and purity of the oil. What is so admirable with Fagerström’s design of Oro is that the packaging design is so precise and clear while also being unobtrusive that it balances all its elements perfectly to quietly entice consumers.

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