Casa DJ


If white is the preferred color of minimalists, Casa DJ is sure to please. Designed by [i]da arquitectos, Casa DJ is a gorgeous residence in Cascais, Portugal. The geometry and facade of the home is kept simple with clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme. Yet the subdued exterior provides a welcome contrast to the complexity of the different interior spaces. The rooms are organized around a central patio that cuts the structure in two. The ground floor houses the kitchen, living areas and a garden. The bedrooms and terrace are located on the upper levels.

I love everything about this home! From the organization of the rooms, to the rocky landscaping, to the placement of the windows; every element melds perfectly to form this lovely structure. I am especially attracted to the courtyard and terrace: they provide the residents with a soothing, peaceful place to relax. Overall, Casa DJ is an elegant home which is sure to please its minimalist owners!

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