Meditation House

Moscow, Russia
Babayants Architects

The Japanese garden as a place for meditation is the semantic dominant in our project of a house on a complex terrain.

This is the premiss for Babayants Architects' minimal meditation house located in Moscow, Russia. Led by Artem Babayants, the architecture studio seeks to find a place of harmony and peace in chaotic life with every project they undertake, striving for what they like to call cozy minimalism. Although cozy is not exactly the adjective to use for this particular home, it is a quiet design that instils serenity and relaxation. Clean lines and geometric volumes are ever present, making for a very simple structure. The house's facade facing the street is one of privacy and curiosity. It's not until you make your way down the side of the house to the exquisite Japanese garden that you can appreciate the home's charm.

You won’t find excessive decorations, departure from meaning, or trading form for function here. Light is what we start working with in the first place. It is what defines basic forms of space, reveals textures, and creates the atmosphere.

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