package design

Musq, an Australian cosmetics brand based in Melbourne, launched in 2007 and prides itself on a long standing commitment to provide only natural and ethical cosmetic and skincare products. The brand produces luxurious, clean, natural and ethical cosmetics that embody conscience. Reinventing ‘Luxe’ where you live in a luxurious world with sustainable style.

Director at Musq, Emma Reid explains the brand’s simple philosophy:

We aim to encourage people to make small changes to improve their health, mind and wellbeing along with our environment. This is our philosophy; Keep your food, skin and thoughts clean!

With this premise in mind, Australian studio Black Squid Design have developed this elegant and strong branding and packaging design, based on black and white contrasts throughout the product range.

With the brand name standing out from the other elements that are subtly positioned on each product, the clean, polished finish of the container creates a combination that very effectively communicates the care and quality the brand looks to achieve with its cosmetics.

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