Instrmnt Shop


After Instrmnt 01, the brand's debut watch range, and Instrmnt 02, their 2-speed city bike, the Glasgow based design studio Instrmnt, founded by Pete Sunderland and Ross Baynham, became a Minimalissimo favourite, so when they announced the opening of their new minimalist flagship store, we were excited to have a look inside.

It is located on Glasgow's Parnie Street, in a thriving district of independent stores, galleries and design practices. It was furnished with pieces from Vitsœ and Hay, lighting by Folk, and a bespoke daybed designed by Instrmnt and Namon Gaston, acting as a focal-point of the shop. All of this contributing to a beautiful space to showcase the products.

Sitting alongside Instrmnt's own range of products, you will find an impeccable collection of products from Ajoto, Alice Made This, Campbell Cole, Folk, Edition Scotland, Hancock and Iona Brown. Pete Sunderland tells us:

We have always seen Instrmnt about more than just building products, instead it is about creating an ethos and a lifestyle. We've curated a small selection of products from brands that we feel align well with our own vision, and the scope of those brands and products will grow and evolve organically over time.

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