Brands evolving out of a personal need for something not available on the market are usually the best. One of them: Berlin based spectacles manufacturer OWL. The team consists of three friends - a designer, a strategist and a coder - who were looking for timeless, classy frames offered for a reasonable price on the web. They consider a pair of glasses to be an important part of any outfit. That is why, from their point of view, it does not make sense to own a hallway full of shoes but only a single pair of spectacles. So they got to work and founded OWL:

We create enduring pieces of the contemporary, well crafted and attainable. We sell the frames with high quality lenses in our beautiful and easy to use online shop, directly to good folks across the EU.

However, when I look at OWL, I don't just see the beautiful glasses. It's the personal, relaxed and friendly way the brand communicates which really sets them apart from other online optic brands. That is why I am very curious about the carefully chosen real-world places they will find during the coming year, where they will make trying on their glasses an experience as pleasant as visiting their online shop.

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