industrial design

Minim+Aid is Nendo's answer to disaster relief. Effortlessly styled and considered, this piece is Japanese design at its best. Maximising on space, efficiency, aesthetic and an understated and ever so beautiful form, Minim+Aid is minimalism encapsulated. Inspired by the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake, this called for the development of an emergency preparedness kit that includes the bare minimum necessary for a city-dweller to make it to a place of refuge during an earthquake or other disaster.

This 5cm wide tube is both waterproof and will float, and includes a whistle, raincoat, lantern, drinking water and a plastic case. Further adding detail, the radio is equipped with manual charging functionality, which can also be used to charge your smartphone, lantern or other devices via usb. It all just makes sense. And is beautifully conceived and constructed. The outer tubing has a strap and is intended to be kept near an entrance in case of an emergency. Suitably available in silver, white or black, Minim+Aid is intuitive, innovative and epitomises sleekness.

Photography by Kenichi Sonehara.

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