The Minimal Lamp Series

industrial design

Highlighting labels such as Luceplan, Anta, and Rotaliana, the ability to compare formal qualities, price-points, sizing, and availability, is made all that much easier with Lights. The size and outreach of the brand also allows for competitive and quantity advantages. Each of these featured pieces shows a similar thread of considered, pared-back, and controlled minimalism.

In 1999, spawning from his engineering background, Founder and Managing Director Thomas Rebmann saw an opportunity within the European market to create a centralised online epicentre for lighting design. From this, Lights was born—emphasising quality, European made, and sourced illuminated products. Their range of over 30,000 lamps and lighting fixtures is a testament to the brand’s 10+ years of experience. Located in Germany, the brand offers a wide range of aesthetic niches, and features some of our minimal favourites. Having this one central reference source, is a great designer resource.

Luceplan’s Counterbalance range features a series of elegant and beautiful additions to any spatial planning arrangement. The versatile floor and table allow for varied height provisions and are available in their black, white and grey tones. Completing the collection is the Wall Sconce, with its graceful outreaching arm, becoming a floating sculpture in space. Anta’s Ella Floor Lamp offers a similar language. With its adjustable illumination height along the vertical arm, this piece is a refreshing take on the domestic staple, infused with an articulated minimalist approach to both form and materiality. The shade element acts as a beautiful inverted dish-type geometry, floating on a delicate spine.

The slight and delicate, yet bold nature of Anta’s Faro Uplight forms part of the vast collection. Comprised of a metal frame, and powder-coated in a monochromatic palette, this LED lamp also has a dimming function, allowing for its dynamic compatibility to space. The balancing of forms, almost defying engineering, are a playful and unexpected design treat. Lights prides itself on continually responding to client needs and customisation of processes and curating a collection of illumination that really aids the design process. European design, logistically coordinated by a tried and tested team, all allowing for beautiful spaces to evolve unencumbered.

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