Peaks Pendants

Michael Anastassiades
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The Peaks pendant camp collection by Spanish designer Michael Anastassiades is exemplary minimal lighting design. Comprising a series of pendant lights, these fixtures are elegantly crafted with elongated cones in various configurations.

One of the standout features of the Peaks collection is the graded shading on the curved surface of each cone. It's not just about the light they emit, but also about the intriguing visual effect created by the shading itself.

The versatility of this lighting collection is another remarkable aspect. It offers the flexibility to be displayed as a single, double, or triple arrangement, allowing you to choose the direction of the light, whether pointing up or down. An inverted cone serves as a ceiling rose, providing a sleek and seamless connection to the ceiling.

In its off state, the Peaks pendant lamps exhibit a highly schematic appearance, almost reminiscent of a geometric still life. However, once illuminated, they undergo a mesmerising transformation. The shading comes to life, and the play of light along the curved surfaces adds a captivating dimension to the entire space.

Anastassiades' focus on clean lines and a limited colour palette allows the shape and shading to take centre stage, resulting in a lighting series that embodies the essence of minimalism and delivers both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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