Blessed Sacrament Chapel


The Blessed Sacrament Chapel is a small and narrow chapel in Seville, Spain. The chapel was designed by Pablo Millán as an addition to a larger church. The chapel was commissioned as a special place within the church for parishioners to connect with the spirituality.

Blessed Sacrament Chapel exudes a divine feeling without the ornamentation of traditional churches. The chapel is accessed through arched doorways from the main church, an elegant and unobtrusive entrance. White marble covers the floors and climbs halfway up the walls, a beautiful nod to European ancient churches. The stone is varied enough to add visual interest to the space, but the simple colour and placement prevents it from feeling busy. A large skylight is cut into the ceiling, flooding the small white room with light. A light source from above also provides a subtle symbol for the heavens churchgoers look to. Wooden pews can be moved in or out of the space depending on the day's needs.

Millán's chapel provides a simple and sacred space for worshipers.

Photography by Javier Callejas.

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