Photographer's Weekend House


The Photographer's Weekend House, designed by General Design, is located on the beachside of Kujūkuri, Japan. The one-story home has a gallery-like feel due to the large, open rooms and sparse furnishings. The defining feature of this home is a stretch of four courtyards arranged in a central, cross-like pattern. The courtyards bring plenty of the outdoors in, as well as ensure the home is perfectly illuminated with natural light all year long. I love the play on indoor and outdoor in this home: between the many openings to the courtyards and the floor to ceiling windows, one can easily feel submerged in both environments at once. Interior walls are installed only as necessary, so that an open continuity exists throughout the floor plan.

Like a photographer's work, this home elegantly plays with light and shadow. The constant stream of light and its cast shadows allow the home to look different depending on the time of day or year. Thus this minimal home is an ever-changing sculpture; a weekend retreat that will captivate its residents time and time again.

Photography by Daici Ano.

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