Piatto Collection


London-based studio Industrial Facility, cofounded by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, and whose monograph we recently published, have designed a beautifully geometric and robust furniture collection named Piatto.

Piatto is a minimalist family of tables made from solid steel plate; despite the material, however, the objects look light. The range includes small side tables, large coffee tables, and tall display tables. The Piatto tables are somewhat familiar—the angles, joints, and shapes are all recognisable—but, by beguiling the eye, they appear lightweight.

The collection—made for Desio-based company FUCINA—includes tables with highly polished vertical planes that cut across horizontal surfaces, creating the optical illusion of having only two legs. Others, by means of small cantilevers, appear deliberately unbalanced. Fucina’s artistic expertise in the construction and finishing of metal allowed for the realisation of this contrast of heavy steel with a lightness of appearance.

Piatto’s designs are entirely based upon the geometries of the square and the circle, expressing the elemental nature of the collection.

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