industrial design

Picto Wall Clock from Rosendahl Copenhagen, brings a playful simplicity. Inspired by a somewhat retro style, echoing Scandinavian mid-century icons, this piece is stripped-back to the basics of time-telling. Available in varying colour combinations (black on white, white on black, and orange on grey) the options also remain restrained and simplified. Differing from the traditional wall clock, Picto doesn’t indicate the time through the ticking of its hands, but instead tells time through a rotary dial. Time is told precisely, but also pragmatically, based on the minute and hour only, where the hour-hand is a fixed circular dot that sits on the clock-face.

Based in Copenhagen, Rosendahl Copenhagen collaborate with designers to create beautiful objects, implements, useful tools, and effortlessly designed pieces. In the case of Picto, the designers Steen Christiansen and Erling Andersen have paired in making this archetypal offering. Primarily comprised of a coloured poly-matter, the piece measures 160mm in diameter and approximately 20mm in thickness. Picto is a spirited nod to the flourished mid-century era, brought into a modern and minimal aesthetic—a beautiful addition to a space that is both clearly directive and restrained.

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