industrial design

Designer Timo Niskanen, founder of Himmee, was taking a leisurely walk on an ordinary winter night and looking into a miniature golf course, covered in snow, a loop obstacle grabbed his attention. What better than perfect snow to set a minimalist stage for an unusual form to emerge captivatingly? And so, from such a simple glance LOOP Lamp was created.

Back in 2009, Niskanen began his process of drawing, planning and dealing with all the necessary steps to bring to life the dynamic LOOP to reality. While still a prototype, non-surprisingly, the daredevil lamp caught the eye of critics and audience at Milan Design Week, a valuable experience that surely amounted to further improvements. This is a great example of how complex and time consuming it is to create uncommon industrial design from scratch.

The minimalistic aluminium table lamp concentrates its LED light source in the rails of the ride. Adding to the illusion of sculpture, the button-less control is based around a touch dimmer. Since this lamp breaks the mold of the usual table lamp, it's is all about the right ambient to make the most from the unconcealed piece of vibrant geometry. The end result is an understated as can be, all the while remaining a clear protagonist in any room it happens to be in.

After many years in the making, the LOOP lamp is ready to invade homes with an undeniable presence and elegance — worthy of acclaim as seminal minimalism.

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