Looking for a flexible and light structured shelving system? Do not look further. I would like to share Meccanica, a great minimalist shelving system by Demode, engineered by Valcucine, with you.

The base unit frames of Meccanica are made of iron with a electrophoresis coating, connected together by using mechanical joints. The framework can be easily assembled by the end user and can be recomposed and customized extremely. All door types - wood, metal or covered with removable fabric - can be customized in various colors. On request one can also have the frames lacquered in a personal preferred color.

"We can not longer continue to produce without worrying about the goods that will accumulate in the environment tomorrow" says Valcucine so at the end of it's life-cycle Meccanica is easy to disassembled and can be 100% recycled or reconditioned by 90%.

The use cases for Meccanica are endless, where would you use Meccanica for?

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