House T


House T is located in a residential area of central Tokyo. Designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects, this home revolves around the concept of a bookshelf. The structure is a massive box which contains several levels of floating floors. The floors are attached to large columns which span the entire height of the structure. Stacked in this manner, the floors resemble bookshelves, and the living areas they contain look like delicately placed books. The openness of the structure ensures that each piece of the home stands in direct visual relation to every other part. This gives the inhabitant full visual access to every room and promotes a sense of understanding to both the organization of the house and the activities within it.

This residence is not only aesthetically striking, it is rich in conceptual ideas! It is rare to see a home which incorporates a strong, singular concept in this way. The idea of a  bookshelf dominates the design of this home, aesthetically and structurally. From concept to realization, Shinozaki's House T is a huge success.

Also, can we please admire the beauty of Shinozaki's website? I was charmed instantly!

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