Protagonist is a new label with slightly less feminine details yet maintains the silhouettes that, one might say, reflect the modern woman of today - of comfort, confidence and style. As the designer Kate Wendelborn, who is behind this line of the new label, reaffirms that the clean, minimalist direction is a lot more work than it looks:

I spend a lot of time to make each piece look effortless. Subtleties - of shape, fit and material - allow Protagonist to be worn in either an elevated way or a more casual way.

Indeed. I love how she has used the men's pinstripe in a simplified women's suiting. Calf leather, silk crepe and sculptural wool are so rich as materials themselves, yet tell another story when designed around the calmness and simplicity within Wendelborn's collection.

This collection was a collaboration with renowned minimalist stylist Vanessa Traina and photographed by Paul Maffi.

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