Reflective Travel Backpack


Cycling clothing brand Rapha has always taken an understated approach to their designs, while focusing very much on quality and long-lasting materials. Rapha have—for the past 15 years—managed to exemplify a simple and minimal aesthetic with a very distinctive style that is globally recognised. There is a consistency right through their range of products, from Jackets, Gilets, and Jerseys, to their backpacks. And it is one of their exceptionally well-designed backpacks that we’d like to highlight.

The Reflective Backpack is designed for the city. Compact and lightweight, it includes a high-visibility and water-resistant cover. With a waterproof coated main body and leather contrast stripe with cast metal Rapha logo, the Reflective Backpack will get your daily essentials across the city in style. It features a one-piece moulded back panel with channels designed to adapt to your body and promote airflow, as well as a small zipped pocket for keys which can be accessed even when the rain cover is in place.

The backpack’s pockets have been well-considered to accommodate the typical commuter’s essentials. Whether you’re packing paperwork, shoes, laptop, keys, or wallet, Rapha’s bag doesn’t offer more than it needs to. It is epitomises precise, thoughtful, and beautiful design.

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