Bendigo House


Bendigo House is a remarkably unique home located on several acres in Victoria, Australia. Designed by Flack Studio, the interior is thoughtfully designed to be an exciting visual experience. According to Flack:

The interior of the long, spacious pavilion-style house has been paid uncompromising attention. Opulent, textural materials, a deep tonal palette and generosity of space create a noticeably bold yet comforting environment.

Bold indeed. The combination of textures, colours, and materials form a unique residence that reads more like a work of art than an everyday home. Yet Bendigo House is furnished with all the comforts of modern living: an Eames lounge, fur throws, and soaking tub are impressive additions.

I love how Bendigo House flawlessly transitions palettes from room to room. A monochromatic grey kitchen gives way to a pristine white bathroom, while a pop of colour in the living room sits adjacent to a hallway of exposed black bricks. Every inch of Bendigo House draws me in and begs me not to look away.

Photography by Brooke Holm.

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