VERK Watches


A timeless, clean, and minimal representation. The Swedish brand VERK recently launched this impeccable collection of watches for males and females. A 24-month design and manufacturing process has resulted in a collection of timepieces that celebrate and represent the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics which are identifiable to those who appreciate the clean and pure look. As the co-founder, Ben Elias, describes the concept of this new collection, the word “VERK” is a Swedish term that refers to the end result of someone's efforts which is also represented in the finished design of the watches. It is a reference to an obsessive approach to quality design and construction that we can see in the product, resulting in what they believe is a very special end product. I believe this too.

All VERK watches feature a careful, minimalist mix of brushed and polished finishes that produce that special aesthetic of the product. Quality components such as a Swiss Ronda 7 series movement, sapphire crystal glass, 316L stainless steel and German steel-mesh bands from STAIB, all merge to create timepieces that are built with care. In my opinion, this is the most important step in accessories design—to choose quality which can remain timeless and continually represent the concept and idea of minimalism.

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