graphic design

To debut in the music industry requires more than a strong single; as a multitude of factors influences as who gets a chance to rise above the enormous competition for visibility. Thus a strong identity is undeniably a factor that would be unwise to ignore. Emerging DJ Erre commissioned designer Lorenzo Rocco to create a logo he can call his own; the end result is a fresh mix of old-school records from the 70's with a minimalist angle.

It all begins with the meaning behind Erre, the phonetic representation of the letter R. Representing the turntable with curved lettering, the lines are dynamic and reminiscent of typography from the 70's. The vintage feel is limited to the logo, so from there on the designer managed to adapt it to a strong minimalist layout. As each piece of the artist's branding pieces focus on fragments, the geometry and reduction of a figurative logo becomes abstract and streamlined.

Adopting black as the main colour served this project well—it guarantees a contemporary feel and creates a striking identity for the freshman DJ. This is a refreshing use of minimalism, as the dialogue with a visual reference from an era that represented the opposite of reduction. Bravo.

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