The minimalistic perfection that we can see in the project by the Appareil Architecture team is an example of how clean, sharp lines and the combination of bright and warm materials can create a combination that reminds us of the coziness and warmness of home. The Résidence ILE BLANCHE is located in Montreal and the location itself gives some charm to the space as well. The interior layout of this semi-detached house has been redesigned from A to Z to refine, optimise and modernise the places where light and contemporaneity reign. Every detail was designed to create a certain minimalistic look that would define the style and functionality.

Custom furniture, including several integrated ones, form a whole unity with architecture and reinforcement along with the clean character of the space. The decompartmentalisation of the interior now allows a much more fluid circulation as well as an increased burst of light. The wide windows allow the natural light to get inside the space and bring that freshness and air into the rooms.

The choice of immaculate white, which is highlighted on the walls and furnishings, adds a lot of light and contrast perfectly with the key elements of the decor such as the painted steel fireplace, maple staircases, and the huge door vestibule. Connecting these elements results in the same conceptual feeling. To give a warm touch to the apartment the architects chose walnut in the kitchen, which gives a friendly atmosphere. I adore the sharp black lines that appear in the apartment that offers a modern touch along with a welcome contrast to the apartment. Also, the design of the bathroom, which looks more elegant, is well created and defines the main purpose of the space which goes well with the whole concept.

Photography by Félix Michaud.

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