industrial design

An olfactory experience is one that encapsulates personal memories. We often associate nostalgic moments with sight, but it is in the subtle encounters with smells that let us rewind time with mindful images.

With an insight to realise a storage of intangibility, Rotterdam-based studio Oak & Morrow—whose aim is to utilise design as a way to push the status quo in order to activate social and experiential impacts—creates a series of porcelain containers that diffuse scents based on three emotional states: Playful, Intimate, and Healing. Each category is visually separated by soft pastel colourations that give the Revivre series a therapeutic element. While the fragrance ignites recollection of thoughts, the minimal containers stimulates peacefulness with their geometric curves and asymmetrical opening, along with speckled patterns based on the cartography of acoustics.

Working with specialists from International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), each scent was carefully put together from personal associations and attachments for it to reenact scenarios and states of mind that once belonged to an individual with a perfume dispenser. Afterwards, those moments can be relived through a porcelain oil flask and diffuser. Here, a cycle of storing and sharing is achieved.

Revivre's appearance is not the only factor that determines its minimalism. Contained within these objets d'art are wholesome experiences that embraces sight, smell, and also memorial complexities. Through bottling and compressing—both figuratively and metaphorically—these concepts of senses into one package, pure minimalism is represented faithfully. And that’s the true grace that Oak & Morrow has given to this design.

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