Ring House


Sitting atop a gentle slope in the city of Santarém, is a geometric volume amidst olive trees and a prairie called Ring House. The project, designed by Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva Architects, acts as a weekend retreat for a family of four, but was designed with the prerogative to eventually become their main residence. A strong sense of versatility is needed, and was surely delivered in this exploration of three distinct areas without sacrificing visual cohesiveness.

As the house sets its eyes on all directions geometrically, the program plays with three clean cut sections, each one with acting as a functional area. The social space of the home aims South and the North side offers the private area for bedrooms. The L-shaped volumetric arrangement allows for a bespoke transition as the service areas. Each part of the house offers differing shadow play elements, from the floor to ceiling window to narrow crevices.

The outer shell aims to offer absolute minimalism, as the white box aesthetic reigns on all sides, with beautiful contrasting wooden doors added to great visual effect. The patio facing the yard offers an individual entrance for each room, offering purpose and rooting this dwelling with a villa-like quality. The interior design is unassuming but continues the summery trend with ease.

Portuguese architecture has made a name for itself as the source for remarkable minimalism, not only embracing traditional cues from its history but also offering plenty of precise contemporary concepts. And Ring House is no different, adopting a sleek modernist stance imbued with a sense of tranquillity.

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