A modern, minimalist take on the traditional Rocking Horse by renowned industrial designer Marc Newson results in Rocky, a much-loved child's product reinvented in its technology. Abstracted from its ubiquitous form, Rocky maintains the original function in a parallelogram motion beneath its mold, attached to a non-protruding base that appears safer and sturdier than its traditional inspiration. Rounded edges with smooth contours add to both the minimalist design as well as making it less hazardous for the extra active user.

What makes this design of a minimalist Rocking Horse successful isn't just how attractive it is, but also because the experience has appeared to be improved. While the traditional rocking horse may not be dangerous per se, Rocky won't crush any toes nor let anyone fall off, allowing the design of a simple gold rein in place of the typical handles. Even though the forward and backward 'rock' may not be simulated exactly,  I am really interested to see the parallelogram motion which sounds more realistic of a horse on its four legs.

Made out of recycled polyethylene, Rocky is durable and recyclable. It will soon be available in brown, white and black for purchase through Magis.

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